Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Family Portrait :)

This will be our life at the beginning of April and we can't wait! Our progress is moving slowly but we're still trucking along. This past weekend we finished running and soldering all the electrical wiring. On Saturday we'll start putting the insulation in and the walls back up. I think we're going to try to recruit some friends who have mentioned they want to help. Hopefully they will. Putting the walls back up is going to be the biggest hurdle yet. We have to put them up with hundreds of rivets and we may have to go buy a better rivet gun because it may take ages with the one we have. But once we get past this step it'll start feeling more like a home than a shell of a home. I think we'll put up our family portrait now, it'll help keep us motivated and remember why we're doing this in the first place. When we're tired, when we don't feel like working, when tools break and patience wears thin, when we'd rather be having fun on a Saturday, we can just look at our picture and push further until our "Dreamstream" is realized.

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  1. I love the update on the progress of the Dreamstream!! We will be around this weekend, holler at us when you get to Lago. Also, let us know when you are ready for the rivet gun!! Love, mom